Alvi was founded in 1993, named after Alvi, the man whose name day it was. The idea came from Mrs. Seija Järvinen. The goal was to create a warm and safe home for mental health clients, mainly those suffering from schizophrenia. It was to be a support community; the first Alvi Home was opened in 1994.

The work carried out by Alvi is unique in the field of health and social welfare, even from the international perspective. This new kind of out-patient support model has reduced the need for hospitalization and promoted independent living. The good work of Alvi has expanded the whole time as experiences have been positive. The method has also awoken international interest.


The staff of the support communities is welltrained and professional. Their strength is their caring, responsible, and positive outlook on life. Confidentiality and the assurance of good care spur the individuality of the residents. The Alvi units work around the clock; help is always available. At Alvi communities, nobody leaves except at their own personal initiative. The client has to be ready to go himself.


Everybody – whether healthy or ill – has the same right to live a good life. At Alvi Homes, people make themselves at home, with daily chores, recreation, and hobbies. Alvi Home provides care, joy of life, and well-being to rehabilitate and provide the resident with resources. The resident lives a warm, worthwhile life supported by controlled delivery of medication.


Each support community client is an individual with his own thoughts and needs. Together with secure and caring people he can share both moments of joy and anxiety, thus getting maximum support. At the same time, the client gathers the strength and social skills needed for future management of every-day life.


The staff activates and supports the client personally. He gets social and communal rehabilitation to create networks with families and officials. The staff promotes incitements to work on one’s own, for example in money matters, and taking resposibility so that he will be able to succeed in the future on his own. The goal is to rehabilite the patient and make Alvi unnecessary – a home he once had, a home that left good memories.


The staff works in close co-operation with the client’s family. Trusting care includes increasing understanding of the illness by the family. It also means reducing stress and tension, and providing support in a difficult situation.


Alvi provides sympathy and activates the client, it supports and cares, it gives guidance and advice, it counsels and provides a service. In a word, Alvi cares.


Alvi is politically and ideologically nonaligned, nonprofit association with a limited budget. The City of Helsinki supports the work of Alvi.