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About us

Alvi Association, founded in 1993, was inspired by Mrs. Seija Järvinen to provide a warm and safe home for mental health clients, especially those with schizophrenia.


The first Alvi Home opened in 1994, pioneering a unique out-patient support model that has reduced hospitalizations and fostered independent living. Recognized even internationally, Alvi's approach emphasizes warmth, esteem, safety, closeness, trust, and compassion. Alvi's well-trained staff offers round-the-clock support, promoting individuality and ensuring residents only leave when they choose.

The goal is to rehabilitate residents, providing them with resources and skills for a fulfilling life, while also working closely with their families to foster understanding and support.

Alvi, a politically and ideologically neutral nonprofit, operates with limited funds, supported by the City of Helsinki. If you want to know more about us, please get in touch below.

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